Susan Spain – Owner and Nordic Walking Instructor

I love being outside in the fresh air so find Nordic Walking the perfect way to effectively exercise, socialise and relax. It’s the perfect, every changing outdoor gym as you’re always on the move! As a trained classical dancer and musician, a keen Salsa dancer plus having played badminton and tennis for many years I enjoy the camaraderie and social life that comes with group activities. It’s the only form of exercise that I’ve done that has effectively toned, strengthened and relaxed my whole body AND mind. And it doesn’t need to hurt whilst you do it!

I stumbled on Nordic Walking by chance. In early 2016 I was ready for a major change both career and lifestyle wise. Focussing on my health and well-being for once, I discovered Nordic Walking through a friend who’d seen an article in the Guardian and wanted to learn. With my philosophy of ‘I’ll try (nearly) anything once’ I tagged along, learnt the technique and was hooked!

It was perfect for me, combining everything I loved doing.  I soon realised I’d found a passion that I wanted to share and teach to other people. So after training and qualifying as a fitness and Nordic Walking UK instructor I launched Parks and Pathways Nordic Walking in May 2017 and a whole new adventure started for me and I hope you too.

With a wonderful team of volunteer NWUK trained Walk Leaders now supporting me as the Instructor, the team hope you’ll enjoy and benefit by being part of the Parks and Pathways Nordic Walking Group and have lots of laughs whilst getting fitter too.  We look forward to meeting you.