Ruth Evans – Walk Leader

Hi, I’m Ruth Evans, and I started Nordic Walking with Susan back in July 2017. Initially, I decided to “give it a go” since walking (as a hobby) was a form of exercise I’d never really enjoyed nor considered doing, even though I’d played hockey and squash for a long time and latterly, do several exercise classes a week with the occasional recreational bike ride.  Much to my surprise, I found that I really enjoyed Nordic Walking, particularly as using Nordic Walking poles made getting up those hills a lot easier!
Nordic Walking also complements my other exercise classes in many ways:
    – I can enjoy the freedom of being outdoors instead of staring at gym walls!
    – I get a good all-over body workout without having to haul heavy weights around!
    – It’s nice to be sociable during and after the exercise instead of just afterwards!
    – It’s actually fun, even when it’s muddy (but don’t tell Susan!)!
    – I have been introduced to some interesting local places (not far from my home) which I never knew existed!
By being a Walk Leader, I hope to be able to make Nordic Walking fun and enjoyable for other people, whilst introducing them to all the wonderful countryside in the local area.”