I completed the 4 week Learn to Nordic Walking course and obtained my Freedom Pass with Susan. I have since been on many enjoyable walls and explored many  different places of interest. My fitness levels have definitely improved and although I am a slow walker I do think I now walk faster with poles than without. Susan was an excellent instructor, patient, and knowledgeable about techniques and the areas we visited. I enjoy the camaraderie and social aspect of walking within a group and being outside in the fresh air. Really pleased I took the plunge!

— Dee Kennedy-Peers

Val and I are off to Bhutan tomorrow for our 6-day trek. We just wanted to thank you for your expert advice - it has made a huge difference to our training, and certainly for me, has helped me overcome doubt that I could manage such a strenuous programme. I walked 12 miles up and down The Pennines last week so feeling very pleased with myself!

— Ann Banks

I just wanted to tell everyone how amazing Nordic Walking is for me. I'm 64 yrs old with two replacement knees and I felt my ankles were in danger of giving up - I had to sort myself out! I had heard about Nordic walking and because of the use of poles I thought it would give me confidence to at least do a shuffle round the park. I joined the Clifton Country Park group to learn how to Nordic Walk, initially I was slow ......very slow with no confidence and really felt sorry for Susan teaching me. I discovered that even though I wasn't very good I loved it and that was that. I love going out walking, my ankles aren't wobbly and my friends have seen a massive improvement in my walking and confidence in just normal everyday walking ...e.g. shopping in Chester (couldn't manage a day before). I now attend twice a week and have just booked for tomorrow.

— Jan Owen

Have really enjoyed and benefited from my Learn to Nordic Walk induction classes with Susan. After my session this week I discovered my sciatica had disappeared-a great result.

— Sheila Tolley

"I confess that I had never heard of Nordic Walking until Susan gave me a flyer for her classes! Since doing a Taster session I have never looked back! I did the Fast Track course, and am now fully certified, sorry, the proud owner of a NWUK Freedom Passport! Susan is a great instructor, and I love the variety of local places where she holds her walks, many of which I have never visited in spite of living in the area for over 40 years!! I also find that Nordic Walking complements the aerobic/body conditioning exercise classes I regularly attend: the walks are a great all-over workout, and are kinder on the knees because you're not just using leg-power to propel yourself. It's also good to exercise outdoors, in good company, and frequently with a very welcome brew or coffee to look forward to at the end of the walk!"

— Ruth Evans