I completed the 4 week Learn to Nordic Walking course and obtained my Freedom Pass with Susan. I have since been on many enjoyable walls and explored many  different places of interest. My fitness levels have definitely improved and although I am a slow walker I do think I now walk faster with poles than without. Susan was an excellent instructor, patient, and knowledgeable about techniques and the areas we visited. I enjoy the camaraderie and social aspect of walking within a group and being outside in the fresh air. Really pleased I took the plunge!

— Dee Kennedy-Peers

Val and I are off to Bhutan tomorrow for our 6-day trek. We just wanted to thank you for your expert advice - it has made a huge difference to our training, and certainly for me, has helped me overcome doubt that I could manage such a strenuous programme. I walked 12 miles up and down The Pennines last week so feeling very pleased with myself!

— Ann Banks

I just wanted to tell everyone how amazing Nordic Walking is for me. I'm 64 yrs old with two replacement knees and I felt my ankles were in danger of giving up - I had to sort myself out! I had heard about Nordic walking and because of the use of poles I thought it would give me confidence to at least do a shuffle round the park. I joined the Clifton Country Park group to learn how to Nordic Walk, initially I was slow ......very slow with no confidence and really felt sorry for Susan teaching me. I discovered that even though I wasn't very good I loved it and that was that. I love going out walking, my ankles aren't wobbly and my friends have seen a massive improvement in my walking and confidence in just normal everyday walking ...e.g. shopping in Chester (couldn't manage a day before). I now attend twice a week and have just booked for tomorrow.

— Jan Owen

Have really enjoyed and benefited from my Learn to Nordic Walk induction classes with Susan. After my session this week I discovered my sciatica had disappeared-a great result.

— Sheila Tolley

"I confess that I had never heard of Nordic Walking until Susan gave me a flyer for her classes! Since doing a Taster session I have never looked back! I did the Fast Track course, and am now fully certified, sorry, the proud owner of a NWUK Freedom Passport! Susan is a great instructor, and I love the variety of local places where she holds her walks, many of which I have never visited in spite of living in the area for over 40 years!! I also find that Nordic Walking complements the aerobic/body conditioning exercise classes I regularly attend: the walks are a great all-over workout, and are kinder on the knees because you're not just using leg-power to propel yourself. It's also good to exercise outdoors, in good company, and frequently with a very welcome brew or coffee to look forward to at the end of the walk!"

— Ruth Evans

A warm halcyon autumnal day in Heaton Park feeling on top of the world with a panoramic view of Manchester and beyond, life couldn't be better!  I started Nordic walking with a taster day followed by a course and since getting my NWUK freedom passport have enjoyed a variety of walks in lovely locations. Following a nasty attack of shingles and feeling that I had  lost some of my 'joie de vie' I feel that I am really benefiting from my walks with Susan. I am rebuilding my body strength and improving my stamina.The walks are companionable and I have met like-minded people. Purchasing my own poles enables me to walk whenever I want to, feel energised and enrich the mind body and soul.  Many thanks for today's walk feel energised.

— Carolyn Macdonald

I'd never heard of Nordic Walking until I saw a FB post and wondered what a crazy friend was up to now. Not a great fan of the gym with some trepidation I booked a taster session. I needn't have worried, Susan is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, professional and hilarious, which is just as well because session one was tears of laughter as it seemed I'd lost the ability to put one foot in front of the other. Driving home I told myself "stick with it you idiot, you can walk and that was a lot of fun". Four enjoyable sessions later I've had a LOT of fun, met some lovely people and gained my Freedom Passport. Yesterday I went on my first Adventure walk with Susan; there I was 'Nordic Walking' enjoying fresh air, gorgeous views, exercise and a good old natter with the other walkers. But, best of all I walked all the way up that killer hill without needing a rest part way up (aka stop unable to speak and gasping for air, yes that was me on my first attempt). At the top of that hill with a big smile I thought..... good stuff this Nordic Walking!!!

— Fiona Lyon

Very enjoyable Nordic walk around the park with Susan this afternoon .... even the midges didn't spoil it!!

— Sue Heap

Fresh air, good company, excellent for posture and a full body work out. Highly recommended!

— Alison Bates